Paint Out Winslow Partners with Bainbridge Island Historical Museum for this years theme: Historic Winslow

Winslow Art Center announces the dated for this years Paint Out Winslow Festival  and Painting Competition

Mark your calendars for September, 6, 7 & 8, 2019

The 7th year will bring new painters to the island competition in the form of PAWA (Plein Air Washington Association).
As an embrace to fellow painters who have many options when it comes to choosing which festivals to attend and enter. Winslow Art Center wants all painters to come and enjoy this fantastic art experience and are offering cash and other prizes in to sweeten the offer to attend and compete.  Friday our first day of competition will be dedicated to emphasizing the visiting artists from PAWA by holding the first day of this event open just to the PAWA members. PAWA and WAC will combine forces to provide demos designed to encourage community interest and engagement with a single of highlighting our PAWA visitors. This single focus will carry over and into the Wet Canvas Sale held Friday night at the Winslow Art Center. All first-day entries available and on display will herald from the PAWA members. Be sure to come by as the downtown corridor will beckon with First Friday Art Walk festivities as well.